Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Fire King Peach Blossom and Metropolis Robots

Retro desk lamp and fabrics

Fire King Peach blossom fridge containers, frosted icicle vase, butterfly wing decorative plate

 An interesting mish mash of finds today! I found some cute colorful fabrics from VV! I plan on using them as dish towels and possibly getting the pink tablecloth cut into dish towels or napkins. These are my first Fire King fridge dishes, I am really liking the peach blossom gay fad design from VV. I don't know much about the clear frosted vase other than it's marking of Halo Scotland on the bottom from VV. And the butterfly wing decorative dish is much prettier in person, much brighter with iridescent flashes of blue and purple, it is sad to think that all of those lovely butterflies died, hopefully not for the sake of the dish!VV, the lamp was also from VV and will look great in my spare bedroom or office.

FOHL bauhaus German candleholder, Michael Lax Copco teak pot, royal blue enamel colander

My favorite find of the day was a Copco pot designed by Michael Lax, the teak is beautiful and will make boiling a pot of water so much more interesting! I also have a beautiful aluminum bowl designed by him from VV. The Bauhaus FOHL candlestick holder is also a favorite and I picked it up at VV, solid brass and gorgeous! The two blue napkins were from VV and the vintage royal blue enamel colander was from Goodwill.

Italian leather smoking slippers and Nine West coral patent T-Straps both from VV

Metropolis clip on earrings

I am not one to search the jewellery sections of the thrift shops, too tedious and just too much to look at lol, but I've been on the search for Cathrineholm enamel rings and earring so I've been poking around the jewellery section the odd time when I am not in a rush. I found these awesome silver colored art deco clip on earrings, they remind me of the robot Maria from the German expressionist sci-fi Metropolis!

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