Thursday, 12 April 2012

JAJ Pyrex Pink Snowflakes and Agee Pyrex Flannel flowers

 I've got a sad story and a happy one! Lets start with the sad, so I have been on a mad search for a pink snowflake 575 with lid, trying to trade and searching Ebay every day. Well I finally came across this beauty above, but she was in Scotland! I emailed the seller and she tried to change the auction to allow Canadians to bid but there were only a few hours left and Ebay wouldn't allow it (this is what she said) So it sold for $23! I almost died lol

Here is the happy story! I found this beautiful Agee pink Flannel flower in Austrailia! Won the auction and she is on her way to me!! yay! My first Agee Pyrex!

1 comment:

  1. YAY! Agee Pyrex! I just found a turquoise blue Flannel Flowers recently at an Op Shop. I was stoked, I've never seen that pattern before! I didn't know it came in pink either! I read it's one of the first Agee Pyrex patterns to be released. So cool!