Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things I Left at The Thrift Shop IV

English Pyrex

Pyrex bowl, I've never seen one like this before, kicking myself for not buying it!

Funky 70's fabric, would be cool made into throw pillows

Made in USA vase

Colorful platter, Scandinavian??

Smokey Purple vases, Scandinavian??

Ceramic busts

Cast Iron horses, Mexican or Swedish?

German vase

Brass seagull wall art

Hollywood regency glasses and Fenton blue hobnail?

Butterfly gold Pyrex

These made me laugh! Ceramic monkeys

Brass ornamental cranes

1 comment:

  1. Oh that Butterfly Gold dish is beautiful! I have been lucky to find the set of mixing bowls, and 2 round casseroles (without lids) in this pattern, over 3 different Op Shops in 2 weeks! I was chuffed! I know it's not everyone's favourite pattern, but I love it. I haven't seen this one with the patterned lid too though!