Friday, 20 April 2012

Pyrex Pink Space Saver Tower, Scrolls, Daisys and Snowflakes

My absolute favorite color of Pyrex........PINK! The space saver 575 and 548 are some of my most favorite casserole dishes to find in the thrifts and purchase on Ebay and Etsy!

The bottom pink scrolls was found at VV for $3, I spotted it from 10 feet away and literally RAN to it, several other shoppers witnessed this and turned to look LOL I did not care! IT IS PINK AND RARE AND $3! I am usually very civilized at the thrift stores as well as polite and non pushy :)

The next two pink scrolls were Ebay purchases, $15 and $19, not bad considering it's a rarer pattern and they are both in mint condition, though minus lids. The 575 pink daisy was from my glass lady and came with the stand so I paid a tad more for it which is fine considering I don't have to pay shipping. The 548 smaller pink daisy was found at VV for $3 and the RAREST of the rare Pink Snowflake JAJ and was produced in England, I found it at VV for $9. I would still like to add a charcoal snowflake 548, white and black rooster promo 575 and possibly some turquoise snowflakes too!

I have 3 lids total and really need to find more of these considering I have 8 space savers (charcoal snowflake and golden acorn) So the search continues!


  1. Totally beautiful pieces! I found your blog by typing in pink Pyrex bowls! :) This morning I ran across three little Gooseberry Pink bowls for $2.50! I had to have them! :) I've posted about them on my blog!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. WOW! This pink pyrex is gorgeous!
    I'm in Australia, so have lots of Agee Pyrex, but it's hard to find the American patterns here. Your dishes are gorgeous!