Friday, 13 April 2012

We Bought a Zoo!

Well not really LOL! But judging by the numerous little critters I picked up it sure looks like I am about to start one. I came across several rare peices of Pyrex while thrifting today but I didn't put them in my cart as they were either badly scratched or dishwasher damaged, such a pity, I get really torn about what to do, what do you do in this type of situation? I will post pictures of the damaged Pyrex tomorrow in my "Things I Left at the Thriftshop"

Even though the Pyrex was scarce, I didn't come away empty handed! I started at VV and found a brand new Fossil leather messenger bag!! It's aged leather and looks worn but the inside has never seen a book nor a pen!! The grey mod teapot was designed by Robert Steven Witkoff and from VV the ceramic white Japanese made quails were also from VV.

I then headed across the city to another VV, a little out of the way but the trip is always worth it, there I found the sweetest teak elephant very reminiscent of the Danish designer Kay Bojesen I plan on using him as a toothpick holder for h'orderves, I also found the beige Rosti utensil holder (utensils were thrifted on a previous day)

After scouring the VVs I decided that I would stop by the GoodWill to see what they had, they usually don't have alot of great stuff but the prices are half of what VV charges and you sometimes stumble across a real gem. I found the two solid brass horses, a brand new Calvin Klein black dress (it reminds me of the 50s)and a Rebecca Taylor skirt.

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