Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Things I Left at the Thrift Shop II

Pyrex Friendship divided and casserole at local antique shop

PyrexTurquoise delphite (different than regular delphite) at local antique shop

Italian Decanter

Brass candlesticks

White vases (they weren't old)

English tray

German mid century modern tablecloth

Pyrex Woodland cinderella bowls

German bowl, I wanted this soo badly but it was $35!!

Cute drinking glasses

Silver rimmed Thomas glasses

Pyrex Spring blossom gravy boat

Pyrex new Primary colors mixing bowls


  1. OMG. The first two pictures totally freaked me out because I thought those items were at a thrift store. I was thinking "what is she thinking leaving all that behind??". Then I realized you saw them at an antique store and it all made sense. The prices on that delphite must have been crazy!

  2. Lol! If they were at the thrift I would have snatched them up so quickly! There weren't any prices on the turquoise delphite and I was afraid to ask LOL, this antique store has numerous sections that are individualy owned and often when new items come in they don't have prices (which is weird) and instead you ask the cashier and they call the owner and get a price for you, I will wait and check back again soon to see if they are priced, though I am afraid to start down the turquoise path as I already own a 10 peice table setting of the blue delphite!

  3. I LOVE the Friendship casseroles at the Antique shop! And those Leaf glasses from the Thrift SHop are gorgeous!