Monday, 26 March 2012

German Pottery and Swedish Trolls

German white pottery

I was busy this past weekend accumulating all the treasures I could lol, I made a visit to a my "glass lady" as I like to call her, she is a lovely lady who has a knack for finding the best glassware, she then sells it for a bit of profit.

I picked up the German pottery collection from her for a very reasonable price, and while I was getting ready to photograph it I knocked over the vase on the right hand side and broke the neck of it!! OMG It's currently sitting and drying with white glue :(

Festivo candlesticks, West german Candlestick, Mercury glass candlestick, Waterford crystal candlestick, Ombre bowl

The Festivo candlestickas as well as the German silver star trek looking ones also came from her! Aren't they lovely? The crystal art deco style candlesticks I picked up at VV for $6.99 they were filthy and I don't think they realized that they were crystal.

The ombre dish is from VV for $2 and the mercury glass square candle holders are from Goodwill for $1.49

Milk glass Westmoreland lotus bowl, milk jug and Vase
 This milk glass Westmoreland bowl is from my glass lady as well, see what I mean about her having beautiful items? I have the larger lotus bowl that matches this smaller one (from her as well) and then the kitschy milk jug from VV $2 and the heavy milk glass vase also from VV $4

Retro glass holder/carrier,milk glass bowl, Fire King Mug, Pyrex made in Canada pie plate, and pinky peach plastic sundae holders
 Pyrex pie plate from VV $2, Fire King mug $1, Glass holder $2 from goodwill, milkglass mixing bowl $2 and plastic peachy pink sundae holders $2

Round red lidded enamel container, Swedish Folk art Troll
 I have no idea what this red lidded holder is, any ideas anyone? $3 from VV and this creepy yet cute wooden Swedish folk art troll from Goodwill $6

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  1. The red lidded enamel container is a bun warmer i believe - at least thats what the ones i have been finding have been labeled - lol!!