Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pink Daisies and Sunflowers

It was a pink kind of day! I hit 3 Value Villages today and 2 Goodwill stores and here is what I came away with. Set of 5 clear mid century mugs, much cuter in person! $3, turquoise Arnel's coffee pot $5, pink Swing A Way ice crusher $4, Daisy pink Pyrex 548 space saver $3, Californian pink pottery bowl 75 cents, brown and black enamel bowl 50c (wonder if it's Cathrineholm?) pink cashmere shawl $4, and an assortment of Pyrex lids! 5 in total, two sunflower ones 474 and 475, a 943, a 470 and another 475.


  1. Great price on that Pyrex! What city are you in?

  2. You're finding some great things!!!

  3. So pretty! I have that pink daisy casserole, it was my first Pink Pyrex! Pink Pyrex is like hen's teeth in Australia- so rare to find it! Love the Daisy lids- my husband bought me the set of 3 Daisy casseroles last Christmas as a surprise, I was over the moon!