Thursday, 22 March 2012

Snowflakes and turquoise Butterprint

Today was a MASSIVE thrift day! I attempted the undoable......I went to every single Value Village my city has and I went to several Goodwills as well!! And for my efforts I was rewarded greatly!

On my travels I picked up an 043 turquoise snowflake without a lid for $3, it was filthy but nothing a little elbow grease couldn't get rid of! A 444 turquoise butterprint cinderella bowl in MINT condition, I did pay $7 for that one though as Value Village is starting to catch on that there are Pyrex collectors out there. A dishwater damaged blue 442, not sure why I took this one as it's pretty dull but for $2 I couldn't leave it, and it's such a pretty shade of blue, almost royal.

 A lime green 232 lasagna pan also in rough shape but I don't have a lasagna pan yet and for $3 how could I not take it home? I also picked up a turquoise hostess dish for $1.99, a pair of black glass candle holders for $2.99, a set of beautiful white AK Kaiser German candle holder $8, a 1980s white pottery seagull for $5, a Fire King milkglass vase with base for $2 and a mid century modern adjustable black lamp for $14, perfect for my spare bedroom!!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the snowflake dish! $3 is a steal! I bought a dishwasher damaged blue bowl like that for $1 then wondered why I bought it (cos I'm a sucker for Pyrex, apparently). Luckily my sister loved it so I gave it to her. She keeps her Pyrex in a kitchen cupboard that has a frosty glass door, so it doens't matter if the pyrex is a little damaged! LOL!