Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pink Elephants on Parade!

Well it turned out to be a 475 Casserole kind of day, I was having terrible luck finding any Pyrex today and then voila! My last stop of the day and I found these two 475 with lids! A yellow gourmet promotional casserole and a Shenandoah! $7.99 each but I had a 30% off coupon *score* I also came across a set of three Hazel Atlas pink elephants on parade shot glasses $5 and a pink tablecloth for $2, and here are the things I left at the thrift shop below in pictures.....

Nyform Troll, love him but $49? I needed my money for PYREX!! lol

Sunflower lid taped to Verde bottom?

Verde lid next to it's matching bottom

Verde Cinderella bowl

Forest fancies casseroles

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