Friday, 16 March 2012

Mystery Pyrex!!

Another good day thrifting for Pyrex!!! I snatched up two 501s in tomato red, I am pretty sure these are from the friendship fridge set, minus the lids for $2.99. Lime green pie plate and holder for $3 (not sure the holder is pyrex but VV sold them this way) 471 and 472 in a mystery print I've never seen before, green vines with flowers. Any idea what they are?? The holder they are in was purchased for $2 and I'm not sure it's for them but they fit lol! And I also found a lone 503 lid and 980 lid, both scratched up but you seldom find lids on their own, love Goodwill for that!!

**Update** Thanks Pyrex Love Flickr group! The mystery Pyrex is called Shenandoah!!


  1. Glad you identified the Shenandoah - it's a pretty one - I have a couple of pieces..

    1. I kinda like it too! It's so strange, I found 2 one day and then the matching third to the set a few days later at another store and today I found the 475! And this is the first time I've ever seen this print lol