Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Delphite and Fulham

Today was a great thrifting day! A delphite fridgie for $2.99!!!! A butterfly gold 475 in MINT condition for $5.99, a Fulham vase for $5.99, these vases are from the Art Deco era and are quite valuable. And a bendy doll man for $2


  1. It's really growing on me, so far I have the gravy boat and this 475.

  2. WOW - amazing price & find on that delpite. I paid $20-something at a Goodwill auction for two of mine. My first two pieces of delphite, I do not regret it. They looked like they never been used.. absolute mint.

    Anyways, enjoying your blog. Wish you still did it. :)