Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Things I Left at the Thrift Shop I

Here are a few items from the various thrift stores that I frequent that caught my eye but were either too much (in my opinion) didn't fit into my decor, too large to hide from my husband or just didn't make the cut. You can't take it all home LOL

Adorable made in England teapot

Geisha statue bust

Seychelles suede teal boots (like I would ever wear them lol)

Funky beaded peacock purse

Scandinavian looking enamel cookware

Autumn Harvest Pyrex cinderella bowls MINT!

Friendship Pyrex 473

Gold Bamboo magazine rack

White wrought iron umbrella stand


  1. I wouldn't have left the Friendship casserole behind - if it was reasonably priced..

    1. It was reasonably priced, and I carried it around in my cart for awhile but alas I can't take them all home and i don't collect friendship.......yet LOL

  2. I'm pretty sure I could reach into the computer and buy everything I see in your pics! LOL! If only they invented teleportation computers! Love that Friendship casserole, love the teapot, LOVE the boots!!