Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air!

So I headed out today to my favorite thrift shops in search of pink, blue, or delphite Pyrex, other than a sad scratched up spring blossom 402 and a spring blossom gravy boat and holder there wasn't a piece worth buying!

 It was a Fire King day! I picked up the turkey platter for $3, the relsih/pickle tray for $6 (wonky pricing I know) I almost put the pickle tray back as I think $6 is pretty steep, but I decided on purchasing as the gold wasn't worn off.

There seems to be a color theme going on LOL. I found the lonely lime green stacking mug for 50 cents at GW, the large milk glass vase at VV for $2 (not sure of maker yet) Little black glass vase for 25 cents at GW, two Rosti made in Denmark yellow utensils at VV for $2, aluminum trivet for $2, a Pyrex 684 lid with zero scratches (needed this badly) at VV for $2, a pink depression glassbowl for $3 (not sure of maker yet) Marc Soft Walk leather yellow ballet flats at VV for $6 (sold in Germany for $100 Euros), a Made in Germany small black dish for $2 from VV and the biggest score of the day an Orla Kiely purse for $9 (they retail for $200+)

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