Thursday, 8 March 2012

Snowflakes and Gooseberries

I found two of my favorite Pyrex colors yesterday! Turquoise snowflake 045 and a pink gooseberry 475! I found them at two different antique shops so I did pay more than I otherwise would at the local thrifts :( But alas they are my favorite colors and it's not everyday you find these colors, as they get snatched up quickly when they are in mint condition with lids. I paid $18 for the pink and $20 for the snowflake, and to keep things on a positive note at least I didn't have to pay $20 each for shipping!

I then headed over to VV where I purchased quite a few linens, a white set of 8 linen napkins for $2, a white with small blue embroidered flowers set of 12 for $3, an embroidered flower hand towel for $1, a green cotton apron for $2 (perfect for st.paddys day) a blue cotton Mexican themed folk apron for $2 (matches primary colors Pyrex) a set of 3 teal heavy bubble bottom glasses $2, Fire king milkglass handle bowls 3 for $3, a black Indiana glass votive holder $1, another identical milk glass vase (same as the one I found March 5th!) $3, and a black leather Balenciaga lookalike purse for $2!!


  1. Welcome to Blogland from a fellow Canadian! I found you via Flickr - I started following you so I won't miss any of your finds.

    I can't believe how much Pyrex you've accumulated since January!!!

    1. Thank you Jill!! It really is easy to accumulate it quickly, I had to tell myself that I could NOT have all the colors LOL, and I try my best to follow that rule!